Are You a Local Landscaper?

Please contact us regarding your next project.  Stuckey's offers the most convenient service to landscaping contractors, and our prices are highly competitive.  Give us a call and see how we can help you build your business and provide better service to your customers.
Q1.  How much does a yard of material cover? 
Answer: The area covered by a cubic yard of material depends upon the thickness of the layer.  In general, one cubic yard covers as follows:

Thickness Coverage
1" 324 sq. ft.
2" 162 sq. ft.
3" 108 sq. ft.
4" 81 sq. ft.
5" 65 sq. ft.
6" 54 sq. ft.

Q2.  Is there a minimum amount that you will deliver?
Answer: No, there is no minimum amount for delivery, but there is a delivery charge depending on the distance from our location to yours.

Q3.  How far in advance do I need to place my order for delivery?
Answer: We try to make all of our deliveries within one day, but the more notice we have, the better.  Due to stock and previously scheduled delivery considerations, we will be able to give you more specific information if you call us directly. You may reach us at 410.391.0799.

Q4.  Does mulch attract termites?
Answer: No, there is no kind of mulch that attracts termites. In general, every acre of land (in this area of the country) contains colonies of termites; the presence of mulch neither attracts nor causes them. Termites require wood of at least a 2" thickness to build their nests. As a result, mulch is not sufficient for their needs and they will not nest in it.

Q5.  Does Stuckey's install patios and retaining walls?
Answer: No, we do not install. However, we work with several excellent, qualified contractors and we will be happy to refer you to one or more of them to help with your installation project.

Q6.  Does Stuckey's carry fresh sod?
Answer: Yes, we carry fresh sod whenever it is available. We receive new deliveries every Friday, but special orders may be available on other weekdays. The sod is 16" x 45", or approximately 5 sq. ft.  Prices vary depending on quantity purchased.

Q7.  What are Stuckey's hours of operation?
Answer: Our hours vary with the seasons. For the summer, our hours are

Monday thru Saturday  7 AM - 5:30 PM
Sunday                      10 AM - 2 PM

Q8.  How many tons are in a yard of gravel?
Answer: When we talk about a "yard" of gravel (or other material), we are really referring to a cubic yard.  There are approximately 1.25 to 1.5 tons in a cubic yard of gravel.

Q9.  Do you keep most of your products in stock?
Answer: We try to keep a large selection of products in our yard, but it is hard to keep everything in stock all the time. Most products not currently in stock are available within a day or two when ordered.

Q10.  Where is Stuckey's located?
Answer: We are located on Philadelphia Road (Rt. 7) in Rosedale, between Middle River Road and Campbell Blvd. Please click here for directions, or to view a map of our location.
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