Sod, Soil and Mulch

fresh sod every week - or whenever you need it!When you're landscaping, the final appearance of your lawn and garden depends upon the quality of the materials you use. Rich, dark soils and fertilizers, and mulches that hold their color and texture over time will enhance any landscape and keep your plants looking healthy. Purchasing those materials at Stuckey's ensures quality and beauty that will last. Our sod is delivered fresh every Friday, and because of Stuckey's popularity with area contractors, our mulch and soil supplies are turned over frequently.

We keep a large supply of soils, mulches and fertilizers in stock.The prices listed in several tables below represent the most popular items we carry, with current prices. If you don't see what you're looking for, please call us. If we don't have what you need in stock today, we can have most items delivered to us within 24-48 hours. And don't forget, we offer convenient delivery to your home or project location.

Please note that bulk materials are sold by the cubic yard (or half yard). Please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page for a table showing the area that a cubic yard will cover. 

                                       Pricing for Fresh Sod

0 - 539 sq. ft. $.50 per sq. ft.
540 - 1619 sq. ft. $.45 per sq. ft.
1620 - 2159 sq. ft $.40 per sq. ft.
2160 sq. ft. or more $.35 per sq. ft.

    Straw pricing:  $10.00 per bale           See pricing for other items below.


Bagged Materials Pricing 2017 (subject to change; prices listed here may not be accurate)

Bagged Soils & Fertilizers
Topsoil $2.75
Potting Soil
bagged potting soil
Planting Mix
bagged planting mix
Composted Manure
bagged composted manure
LeafGro $5.00
Bagged Mulches
Hardwood Mulch
bagged hardwood mulch
Cedar Mulch
bagged cedar mulch
Red Mulch
bagged red mulch
Black Mulch
bagged black mulch
Pine Bark Fine
bagged pine bark mulch
Pine Bark Nuggets
bagged pine bark nuggets
Brown Mulch $4.25

  Bulk Materials Pricing 2016We have LOTS of mulch and topsoil!


1/2 Yard

1 Yard

bulk topsoilTopsoil



bulk hardwood mulchHardwood Mulch



bulk wood chips mulchMulch Chips



bulk red mulchDyed Mulch



bulk bark mulchBark Mulch



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